Birds Eye Chocolate Chip Pancakes

It’s Pancakes again today. Little over a week ago I tried the new Birds Eye Classic Pancakes and today it is the turn of Birds Eye Chocolate Chip Pancakes, because surely everything is better with a little bit of chocolate in! Part of their new breakfast range, Birds Eye have aimed to slash the time it takes to make pancakes and waffles so we can enjoy them with minimal effort. For best results toast from frozen, albeit if you fancy it you can also microwave them. I opted again for toasting, it does say 3 minutes for toasty perfection but I found… View Post

Lindt Hello Salted Caramel

Lindt is back on the blog today with the Lindt Hello Salted Caramel bar. It’s no secret that I think Lindt is the bees knees, don’t get me wrong they did shatter my dreams and I’m not sure I can ever fully forgive them when I found out I couldn’t go and get my Lindt chocolate from the master chocolatier chap in the hat, but it is true that I am yet to come across a bad Lindt chocolate bar. Alongside the traditional Lindt bars and truffle balls, they have bought out a newer, funkier range of chocolate bars in the the… View Post

M&S Banana & Dulce De Leche Slices

The spirit of summer is well and truly alive in M&S and they have plenty of new products to tantalise anyones tastebuds. A strong theme that is evident in the new range is Dulce De Leche, they have gone a bit crazy on the stuff, but heck I’m not complaining nor can I blame them as this stuff is delicious. We have hit the dessert aisle in today’s review with M&S Banana & Dulce De Leche Slices. Alert we have an annoying inner packaging situation here. Yes I know you want to keep these slices looking as beautiful as possible… View Post

M&S Peanut Butter Cookies

Life is better with peanut butter in it. Well it certainly is in my eyes. I popped into M&S at the weekend and I don’t know what happened but a lot of goodies from their new Spirit of Summer Range just happened to fall into my basket. Oooops. One of these goodies was of course M&S Peanut Butter Cookies.  I cannot deny I was unbelievably excited by these cookies. Not only is the packaging jazzy the fact we have a Peanut Butter Cookie on offer is huge news!  All butter cookies with ground roasted peanuts and roasted salted peanut pieces. … View Post

Asda Lemon Bakewells and Toffee Bakewells

Bakewell Tarts are a humble classic that tick quite a few of the afternoon snack criteria. Traditionally with a jammy layer, frangipane and iced topping encased in a pastry outer, Asda have given the traditional a twist and made Lemon Bakewells and Toffee Bakewells. Being the intrigued beaver that I am and seeing if these really can be an alternative to the traditional Bakewell Tart, for £1 a pop I decided to take the plunge and give these a whirl.  Asda Lemon Bakewells Triple layered with lemon flavoured curd, citrus sponge and lemon fondant I love the look of these, they… View Post