Great British Biscotti Co Pecan Pie and Toffee Apple

That’s right the Great British Biscotti Co is back on the blog! To say I loved their first offerings would be an understatement. So after visiting their humble abode where the magic happens, they kindly gifted a box full of their new flavours to try. It’s taken a little while to get these up however better late than never! First up in the trio of reviews is Great British Biscotti Co Pecan Pie and Toffee Apple.  If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on some then they’re mostly available in shops in the Dorset area. If you’re lucky you… View Post

Popcorn Shed Pecan Pie

The popcorn love affair continues….. We previously had the delicious but lacking in size Popcorn Shed Butterly Nuts, and this week we have Popcorn Shed Pecan Pie. No longer reserved for the pastry case, Popcorn Shed have taken a much loved sweet dessert and fused it with popcorn and I for one hope this tastes as good as it sounds.  Again this little 28g snack pack came from Ocado and was £1.50. Interestingly although there were only a few extra grams in this pack, visually there looked to be so much more than the Butterly Nuts version. The shade of… View Post