White Chocolate Snickers Limited Edition

White Chocolate Snickers, say what!! Yes this limited edition bar has somehow made its way over here whether intentionally or by fluke, I do not care because finally I get to try it! Snickers have created some real goodens, there was the joy that was the Snickers Ice Cream, the Peanut Butter Snickers and the Mini Snicker Bites that were lethal because before you knew it you had snaffled the bag. Now the White Chocolate Snickers isn’t a newbie as such as it was circling Europe a year or so ago, and people in the UK were going crazy to… View Post

Snickers Protein Bars

Protein bars are something I have dabbled in in the past, some of which were horrendous and some were pretty nice especially when microwaved and they go a bit like cookie dough or fudgy brownies. Today is along those lines in the sense of a Snickers Protein Bar. Yes a protein bar that is a Snickers but healthier for you, say it isn’t so.  We all know those pesky chocolate bars scupper our hard work at the gym or our nice long walk or any form of exercise for that matter. Mars have however come up with a solution. Snickers and… View Post

Snickers Ice Cream

I have been a woman on a mission for the new Snickers ice cream and after 3 failed attempts at Asda and numerous lookouts at other supermarkets, I was beginning to lose hope. Coupled with fellow Snickers fans proclaiming their love for this new tub I was sure there was some hex on me finding it. However rejoice dear people because I have finally got hold of this nutty tub.  Snickers already comes in the form of ice cream bars which on a general level I am not a fan of ice cream you have to bite. This 500ml tub… View Post

Snickers Xtreme

Never did I think there would be so many varieties of Snickers, you have Classic, Almond, Hazelnut, Dark, Peanut Butter and Mini to name a few. Snickers have now taken it one step further with Snickers Xtreme.  Apparently the name of this bar was voted for by Snickers fans however if like me you are a little perplexed as to what makes it Xtreme let me tell you. Unlike a classic Snickers which consists of nougat topped with caramel & peanuts, coated in milk chocolate, this Xtreme bar has chucked away the nougat to make more room for peanuts and caramel. I am… View Post

Snickers Bites

Snickers have shrunk. Not in the sneaky way that those chocolate companies do on the sly, but actually on purpose. Say hello to Snickers Bites. There appears to be an influx of mini chocolate recently, what with the Dinky Deckers, Kit Kat Minis and Twix Bites, but I am by far more interested in the Snickers Bites.  Oddly I never used to like Snickers however more recently I have been craving Snickers and relishing in the chocolatey peanutty caramelly goodness. I picked these 136g pouch bites up in Waitrose for £1.99, pretty pricey in terms of the fact the bag is… View Post