Choc Chick Quinoa Pops and Plantain Bites *

Fresh on the food scene these Choc Chick Quinoa Pops and Plantain Bites only launched on the 13th October. Ethically sourced natural raw cocoa, Choc Chick have chosen the single origin Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma bean, as it’s renowned for its floral and fruity notes. They also work with cooperatives of family farms that have been growing cacao for generations and are proud to shout out that they can trace each batch from the plantation to fermentation, drying and production. Personally Choc Chick is completely new to me. Looking at their website they actually do quite the range of products from these Quinoa Pops and Plantain… View Post

Retro Corn Cherry Pips Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks and I am always game for trying something new. I stumbled across Retro Corn Cherry Pips Popcorn whilst seeing what was new on Ocado. Retro Corn has basically taken popcorn and added the flavours of childhood sweets. I do raise an eyebrow as to whether crushed sweets should marry with popcorn, but hey lets give it a try. Retro Corn has an array of flavours on offer from Rhubarb and Custard to Cola Cube, Strawberries and Cream and Cherry Pips, and are all made using traditional British sweets. Description – With a delicate… View Post

Popcorn Shed Pecan Pie

The popcorn love affair continues….. We previously had the delicious but lacking in size Popcorn Shed Butterly Nuts, and this week we have Popcorn Shed Pecan Pie. No longer reserved for the pastry case, Popcorn Shed have taken a much loved sweet dessert and fused it with popcorn and I for one hope this tastes as good as it sounds.  Again this little 28g snack pack came from Ocado and was ¬£1.50. Interestingly although there were only a few extra grams in this pack, visually there looked to be so much more than the Butterly Nuts version. The shade of… View Post

Popcorn Shed Butterly Nuts

I am having a bit of a love affair with popcorn at the moment. Propercorn’s Chocolate popcorn has certainly triggered my addiction all over again and I have since been buying popcorn every time I see it. Popcorn Shed is one of those brands I have wanted to try for quite some time however have never actually got around to buying it – I am not sure why because they have some delicious sounding flavours. That being said Ocado has come to the rescue and today it is all about Popcorn Shed Butterly Nuts.  Normally these come in 80g boxes… View Post

Chocolate Propercorn is Here

Popcorn, I love the stuff, so when I finally managed to get hold of the new Chocolate Propercorn I was pretty excited about it. Propercorn have been pretty solid when it comes to their flavour, quality and tastiness so the hopes are high for their new Chocolate popcorn.  Nailing a chocolate popcorn that meets what us chocoholics want is not an easy thing and apparently it has taken Propercorn years to do just that. If you are wondering why you haven’t come across this yet it turns out Chocolate Propercorn is currently only in Waitrose and on Ocado. I got… View Post