Christmas: Krispy Kreme Santa Belly and Melting Snowman

Christmas treats are here and the limited edition foods are in full swing. Following the Bonfire Toffee & the Gingerbread Ring I didn’t think Krispy Kreme would miss the opportunity to get on the festive train, and thankfully they have climbed aboard with plenty of time before the big day itself. To see us through to Christmas we have Krispy Kreme Santa Belly and Melting Snowman and Snowflake Sprinkles.   Now there was quite the debacle in getting said doughnuts. These did in fact come out yesterday and as usually happens on a Monday, the day does not go to plan. Nonetheless… View Post

Christmas: M&S Gingerbread Teacakes

Last week saw the Battle of the Festive Sarnies and this week sees all things festive continue and it is only right we start with the first Christmas good I purchased. Yes, I have braved the new M&S Gingerbread Teacakes. Their Red Velvet and Dulce de Leche ones were less than desirable in taste and didn’t exactly do well on conveying what they were meant to be; so you can imagine my apprehension here with these Gingerbread Teacakes.  Now the reason I hop-footed it down to M&S when I heard these had hit the shelves was purely my love of gingerbread.… View Post

Christmas Goodies Gift Guide 2016

I heart Christmas. I get excited about it pretty early on and I love nothing more than perusing all things christmassy, putting up the tree, wrapping and giving presents, and of course consuming all the food. Christmas is fast approaching, the catalogues are here and the ideas are flowing of what to get people. There is so much out there, today’s post is a little gift guide on a few food and drink goodies that have caught my eye. Joe & Sephs Popcorn Tube, Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Spread, Biscuiteers The Snowman & The Snow Dog Biscuit Tin, Marvling Bros Dinner in a… View Post

Battle of the Festive Sarnie: Tesco Pigs Under Blankets

Happy Friday! The last in the series is here with Tesco Pigs Under Blankets. Tesco had quite the array for festive sarnies but as we haven’t had a roll, and given pigs in blankets is a christmas dinner staple, this one seemed a fitting choice.  Despite having a slight melton at the fact that when I got to Tesco they were refurbishing the sandwich area and I couldn’t find where they were relocated to, I finally found these hiding up the magazine aisle no less. This was part of their meal deal but singularly it is going to cost you £2.95. This is pretty hefty… View Post

Battle of the Festive Sarnie: Co-Op Boxing Day Lunch

It’s December guys and gals, put on that festive hat and lets get stuck into the penultimate battle! We all know that Christmas eats do not end on the day itself, that really would be a sad situation because the Boxing Day food is just as exciting as the day itself. I was pleased to see that the festive sarnies this year aren’t just focusing on the turkey and stuffing, and today’s review is all about the Co-Op Boxing Day Lunch.  Co-Op are covering all bases by doing both a Christmas Turkey number as well as the Boxing Day Lunch. In its… View Post