Christmas: Lindt Lindor Orange

If you don’t know already Lindt Lindor are heavenly balls of chocolatey goodness. Fact. I must admit I am still mourning the loss of the Lindor Peanut Butter but there are still plenty of other irresistible flavours to choose from. One of the newest residents in the flavour department is the Lindt Lindor Orange.  Where would we be without chocolate orange at christmas? Terry’s certainly put it on the map but Lindt are here to give it a run for its money. This limited edition flavour is available in 200g and averages at around £4.00 a box.  Milk chocolate truffles with a smooth… View Post

Christmas: Waitrose Gingerbread Muffin

It’s Christmas week. Who is excited? This Christmas seems to be the year of the gingerbread. It’s everywhere and I love it! We’ve had M&S Gingerbread Teacakes and Viennese Creams, Butterkist Gingerbread Popcorn, Gingerbread Doughnuts, Gingerbread Porridge and now it is the turn of the Waitrose Gingerbread muffin.   This beast of a muffin is from the Waitrose bakery area and in its bright red wrapper this muffin cost £1.00 to take away, and £1.20 to eat in. Why it should cost an extra 20p for a plate and taking a seat I do not know.  Gingerbread muffin with crystallised ginger, stem ginger… View Post

Christmas: Tesco Finest Succulent Pigs in Blanket Crisps

This time next week we shall be so full it’s going to be an effort even to think about moving. A Christmas dinner is not a Christmas dinner without the simple delight of sausages wrapped in bacon. After the most surprisingly delicious Cocoa and Spiced Rum crisps I couldn’t turn down the Tesco Finest Succulent Pigs in Blanket. I recall Tesco doing these last year but I didn’t get around to trying them, so I am pleased to see they have made an appearance this festive period.  Pigs in Blankets seem to be a hard crisps to master. Given it’s two types… View Post

Alternative Christmas Crackers 2016

With 10 days’ to go who is getting excited? The novelty Christmas cracker with the paper hat, the joke that it so silly it tickles you for hours, and not forgetting the who can get the most bizarre present inside, is a Christmas must have. However that is not to say that we cannot be a little indulgent and have an alternative Christmas crackers.  Over the last couple of years the array of alternative crackers out there has grown to a level where there is something for everyone, even your furry pets. I for one usually opt for a foodie… View Post

Christmas: M&S Christmas Turkey and Maple Syrup Crisps

Crisps are a staple at Christmas, and at any good shindig for that matter. I do love a crisp, usually I am very particular with my salt and vinegar however Christmas brings out the adventurous side of me and I cannot pass up the opportunity for the turkey crisps. Airing on a little crazy M&S Christmas Turkey And Maple Syrup crisps have hit the shelves. Made using specially selected British potatoes that are thinly sliced skin on and hand cooked in small patches, promises to give a delicious and crispy snack. There really is nothing worse than a limp crisp!… View Post