Tesco Rhubarb and Custard Creams

If you haven’t seen the Tesco Rhubarb and Custard Creams where have you been? These sneaked on the shelves with no warning, but give a glimpse of summer flavours to come.  My mum is a self proclaimed Custard Cream Queen. What gives her this title? She eats an abundance every week and has pretty much worked her way around the Custard Cream scene in search of the tip top cream. Which FYI she has voted Tesco as the top dog here.  It was a priority mission that these were obtained asap and we picked these up a few weeks ago… View Post

Tesco Strawberry Pepper Dark Chocolate and Toffee Nut Latte Popcorn

Popcorn, it’s a glorious thing, do we all agree? I have tried my fair share and there are an infinite amount of flavour combinations to keep us all going. New on the indulgent bandwagon is Tesco Strawberry Pepper Dark Chocolate and Toffee Nut Latte Popcorn.  Both 170g packets cost £1.79 a piece, a very reasonable price for the more snazzier types of popcorn. Sitting alongside these two Tesco Finest popcorns are Fiery Ginger, Peppermint Cream, and Mango & Coconut, which certainly for Tesco, pushes popcorn to new realms.   Toffee coated popcorn with Strawberry, Black Pepper and Belgian Dark Chocolate Glossy and… View Post

Christmas: Tesco Finest Succulent Pigs in Blanket Crisps

This time next week we shall be so full it’s going to be an effort even to think about moving. A Christmas dinner is not a Christmas dinner without the simple delight of sausages wrapped in bacon. After the most surprisingly delicious Cocoa and Spiced Rum crisps I couldn’t turn down the Tesco Finest Succulent Pigs in Blanket. I recall Tesco doing these last year but I didn’t get around to trying them, so I am pleased to see they have made an appearance this festive period.  Pigs in Blankets seem to be a hard crisps to master. Given it’s two types… View Post

Battle of the Festive Sarnie: Tesco Pigs Under Blankets

Happy Friday! The last in the series is here with Tesco Pigs Under Blankets. Tesco had quite the array for festive sarnies but as we haven’t had a roll, and given pigs in blankets is a christmas dinner staple, this one seemed a fitting choice.  Despite having a slight melton at the fact that when I got to Tesco they were refurbishing the sandwich area and I couldn’t find where they were relocated to, I finally found these hiding up the magazine aisle no less. This was part of their meal deal but singularly it is going to cost you £2.95. This is pretty hefty… View Post

Tesco Red Velvet Cookies

With all these Red Velvet goodies gracing our shelves anyone would think that Valentines Day is coming up, not Christmas. With my love of red velvet I am certainly not complaining and instead am embracing the red cocoa delights. Today’s review is all about Tesco Red Velvet Cookies. Tesco are the latest to serve up a variation on the red velvet and have opted for a cookie. For a rounded £1.00 it will give you 5 reasonably sized baked cookies and if you are feeling hungry then these are part of 2 for £1.50.  Soft chewy red cookies with white… View Post