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  • Great British Biscotti Co Spiced Apple and Sour Cherry and Double Chocolate

    Great British Biscotti Co Spiced Apple and Sour Cherry and Double Chocolate
  • Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices

    Mr Kipling Lemonade and Elderflower Cake Slices
  • Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit

    Ritter Sport Spiced Biscuit
  • KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

    KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Bars
  • Queen of Tarts Snow Fairie Wax Melt Dupe

    Queen of Tarts Snow Fairie Wax Melt Dupe

Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

I have come back from China to find not one, but two new Ben & Jerry’s Flavours –  Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake and Cinnamon Buns. Despite my disliking of our local Tesco I happened to be passing and popped in to purchase these newbies. Thankfully the trip wasn’t completely wasted like normal as they at least had the Pumpkin Cheesecake one. First off we had the Krispy Kreme Cheesecake Doughnuts and now it has migrated over to the world of ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s have concocted the Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream with a cookie swirl, which sounds…

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Mr Kipling Gingerbread Whirls

I know I said I would not buy anything Christmas themed before Halloween, however I simply could not resist these Mr Kipling Gingerbread Whirls. The packaging isn’t all that Christmassy and in my eyes given I eat Jamaican Gingerbread all year round, these do not count as Christmas only goods!  Ginger flavoured shortbread whirls with a smooth buttercream filling.  £1.00 for a pack of 6 is simply a bargain. They present exactly like the original Viennese Whirls except for the richer, darker colour from the ginger, yet still topped with a sprinkling of icing sugar. Annoyingly they are just in…

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CoppaFeel! Charity Trek: Today’s The Day I’m Off To China

Today is the day that I fly to China to take on the Great Wall. I simply cannot believe how quickly it has come around, and it will almost be time to say bon voyage and hop on that plane with the other Fabulous Challenges Trekkers.  As a group we have raised over £65500 for CoppaFeel! which is truly amazing, and is going to make a world of difference in helping CoppaFeel! continue their lifesaving work. A big thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, sent their well wishes and encouragement, and of course have dipped into their pockets…

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Arden’s Petites Macaroons with Smooth Strawberry

Arden’s Petites Macaroons are part of their newest range which I stumbled across in Asda of all places. These Macaroons come in 3 varieties, Smooth Strawberry, Creamy Chocolate and Luscious Lemon, and on this occasion I was in a strawberry kind of mood. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Florentine Clusters or I would have snapped them up as well.  Pretty and pink these Petites Macaroons are as cute as a button. The smell of strawberry is evident when opening. I love that they come in an enclosed tray, there’s no need to faff about with cling film and with the tray it…

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Cadbury Butterscotch Hot Cakes

Cadbury Hot Cakes are new on the block and come in two varieties, Double Choc and Butterscotch. Butterscotch is one of my favourite things and always reminds me of the butterscotch tart you used to get at school, which was clearly the only good thing about school dinners! Coming home after a late day at work, these little Butterscotch Hot Cakes were sat waiting for me and naturally of the two varieties these were the perfect choice.   Described as melting butterscotch cakes, smothered in Cadbury milk chocolate, they couldn’t sound any more enticing. As soon as I opened the packet I was hit…

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