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  • McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits

    McVitie’s Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramels Bits
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Raspberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Raspberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Zest Chocolate Bar
  • Geeta’s Sauces – with an Indian Twist *

    Geeta’s Sauces – with an Indian Twist *
  • Mars Choc Brownie Bar

    Mars Choc Brownie Bar

Dairy Milk Snow Bites

Are we all feeling festive yet? I know I am, I mean who doesn’t love waking up to it being totally acceptable to have chocolate before anything else!! So being in the festive mood that I am, today’s post is also a festive number in the name of Dairy Milk Snow Bites. A week or so ago I was hit by a snowball. Not just a snowball, oh no, a Dairy Milk snowball no less, and a few days later these little Dairy Milk Snow Bites landed on my doorstep. Solid milk chocolate balls in crisp sugar shells dusted with…

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Greggs Christmas Muffin

It’s December and it’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas *cue excited face*.  I am not exactly a Greggs fan but I am not one to pass up a festive good. So given there was a Greggs nearby my work meeting, I decided their Christmas Muffin was in order.  A mixed spice and sweet mincemeat muffin topped with fondant icing and a sugar decoration. If you have seen the advert you will know the muffin also consists of an oozing custard style middle, that in itself makes me want to eat it. Presented in by far my favourite feel…

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Foxs Red Velvet Crunch Creams

There are 3 things I cannot resist buying when it comes to foods encompassing other foods, these being Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Red Velvet. Once again the Supermarkets near me are a little behind the times in getting things in, but finally Sainsbury’s had Foxs Red Velvet Crunch Creams.  You will recall my review of when Marks and Spencer attempted the Red Velvet Teacake and completely failed at the Red Velvet aspect, so naturally I was pretty wary of these Crunch Creams turning out the same. Nonetheless there was a glimmer of hope and I am going to grasp that with both…

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Warburtons Giant Crumpets

Not only are we almost over the hump of the working week, would you believe it is one month today till Christmas?! Is anyone else feeling pretty darn festive now!? Today’s review is all about the humble crumpet. No matter what the time of day there is nothing more satisfying than a hot toasted buttery, okay peanut buttery crumpet. There are many on the market each proclaiming to be the best, but to be the best in my eyes, it needs to be thick, crunchy on the top, fluffy in the middle and simply delicious.  My go to crumpets are Warburtons…

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November’s Bakedin Baking Club

This week marked the second Bakedin Baking Club box uniquely designed by Michel Roux. I was a little undecided following the First Bakedin Baking Club subscription and have been eagerly anticipating what the next box will hold, in the hope it will make up my mind.  Once dispatched an email was sent with the ingredients I would need. From the list of ingredients I was a little unsure what the bake would be, and in actual fact feared it would be a take on a Victoria Sponge. Fear not though this month’s bake was a Raspberry Almond Cake. As ever the…

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