Monster Munchies: Wotsits Zombie Fingers

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Every halloween Walkers seem to give us the same two crisp variations, Wotsits Zombie Fingers and Monster Munch Bacon Webs. To tell you how fantastic my local supermarkets are it was’t until Halloween did I find these crisps. Thankfully this year they seemed to have got their planning caps on and these have graced our shelves along with other ghoulish goodies well in advance.  I must confess that for whatever reason last year’s Wotsits Zombie Fingers tasted a bit odd, yes I checked they were still in date! This year I have decided to give them another go… View Post

Monster Munchies: Baileys Pumpkin Spice

Just throwing it out there that it’s MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! WOOH! It is therefore only fair that we all enjoy a tipple. For those who follow me on Instagram & Facebook I teased you all with an upcoming Monster Munchies review and can now reveal that yes it is the new Baileys Pumpkin Spice. EEEEK! I must confess though I am not a Baileys lover. I have never seen the attraction or need to drink what is essentially cream however a new leaf has turned because the pumpkin has swayed me to give it another go. To mark the change in… View Post

Monster Munchies: M&M’s White Candy Corn

The Monster Munchies Halloween series continues with M&M’s White Candy Corn. We have already had Peanut Butter Candy Corn which is something that should never be made again, but I am hoping these chocolatey numbers fair better.  Another little treat from across the pond, M&M’s have turned all spooky with their orange, white and yellow shells, even Red has got his candy corn on much to his disgust. I picked these up from American Fizz for a bargain import price of £0.99. Don’t you just love how artificial flavours is blazoned on the front all load and proud.   White, yellow and orange candy coating… View Post

Monster Munchies: Soreen Toffee Apple

Toffee Apples take me back to my childhood. I used to get one every year and ever year the apple was mushy but totally delicious with its sweet candied toffee and sprinkles. Taking this classic Halloween combination Soreen Toffee Apple is here for a limited time only.  Given my recent love of Soreen I couldn’t not pass up the Toffee Apple. These are part of their lunchbox range and consist of five individually wrapped mini loaves and save on any form of cutting, which is a godsend. These were on offer for a £1.00 in Tesco and are suitable for vegetarians. I am however not… View Post

Monster Munchies: Mr Kipling Chocolate & Slime Slices

Mr Kipling is the king of cake bars and treats so it is only fair that he has joined in on the ghost and ghouls of Halloween and given us Mr Kipling Chocolate & Slime slices. I certainly love a cheeky Mr Kipling snack so naturally this was going to be on the agenda.  With a suitably Halloweenesque box, each is packed with 3 sealed trays each containing two cake slices. I like this idea, a) it stops you eating the whole box, b) there’s no chance of wastage because it has gone stale and c) perfect for on the… View Post