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Guest Post: Ingenious Ways to Make Your Favourite Food Healthy

Hello Monday, and what better way to start the week than with a guest post from The Nut Butter Hub – glorious name if I do say so myself. The Nut Butter Hub is a lifestyle site with some fabulous recipes and if you hadn’t already guessed, they are also massive fans of Nut Butter too! For today’s post The Nut Butter Hub has put together some ingenious ways to make some of our favourite foods, that little bit better for us.  Can’t give up some bad habits? Do you love a sneaky fizzy drink or do you get the tub of…

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Limited Edition The Collective Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple

For someone who has never really liked coconut in anything other than a Malibu and Coke (don’t judge me), I have recently been eating more and more coconut flavoured foods and loving them, and I am hoping to add The Collective Coconut, Rum ‘n’ Pineapple yoghurt to that list.  I have tried quite a few of The Collective yoghurts, FYI Mango is my favourite, and mostly they have always faired pretty well. The last yoghurt of theirs I tried which had a boozy element to it was their Raspberry Trifle and sadly the amaretto was lack lustre so I am…

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Popcorn Shed Butterly Nuts

I am having a bit of a love affair with popcorn at the moment. Propercorn’s Chocolate popcorn has certainly triggered my addiction all over again and I have since been buying popcorn every time I see it. Popcorn Shed is one of those brands I have wanted to try for quite some time however have never actually got around to buying it – I am not sure why because they have some delicious sounding flavours. That being said Ocado has come to the rescue and today it is all about Popcorn Shed Butterly Nuts.  Normally these come in 80g boxes…

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Cherry Bakewell Muller Light Yoghurt

No longer wrapped in the constraints of a multipack that was exclusive to Iceland, Cherry Bakewell Muller Light is now available as a standalone number. I haven’t had a Muller Light yoghurt in what feels like forever, to be honest I really went off them and haven’t had the desire to pick one up since. That said I do love cherry bakewell so naturally there was no passing on this, I am just hoping that they can nail the flavour.  Available in all major supermarkets for a limited time only I do wonder why they have decided to release this one.…

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M&S Passion Fruit Swiss Roll

We haven’t had a good dessert in a while so let’s see if we can change things with today’s review of M&S Passion Fruit Swiss Roll. Throwing tradition out of the window M&S have replaced jam with passion fruit but is it a smart move?  I love a M&S Dine in Two for £10, it’s a darn good deal and above all there is always some delicious food on offer. It was really nice to see that the latest one didn’t just have the usual choice of profiteroles and cheesecake, but also included something a bit more summery and a little different. …

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