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Joe & Seph’s Chocolate Orange Popcorn

Happy National Popcorn Day! I cannot believe I almost missed it. Fear not I have just about made it and in homage to such a glorious day let’s take a peek at Joe & Seph’s Chocolate Orange popcorn.  For me Joe and Seph’s is my go to indulgent popcorn. You can count on them to bring handmade armada popcorn that has unique flavours, push boundaries and above all they too gave us cocktail popcorn. There are a real host of flavours, both sweet and savoury, and it is hard to pick just one. Thankfully that was taken away from me…

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Hotel Chocolat Banoffee Pie

Happy 2018 Everyone! It is practically half way through January, how can this be? Today marks my first post of the year, yes I could do a nice healthy number but the chocolate has won me over. Last year we had the Hotel Chocolat Treacle Tart, which in its entirety was pretty good, however it is now the turn of a banana classic, enter Hotel Chocolat Banoffee Pie.  Of the two I have tried this is the one I was most excited about because of the banana element. Typically getting the banana flavour right is a tricky business, it is…

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McVitie’s Chocolate Orange Nibbles

It’s so close to Christmas we can almost taste it! I have been raving about the McVitie’s White Chocolate Nibbles, honestly if you haven’t given them a go get some pronto before they disappear! Needless to say whilst getting myself another bag of these beauties I spied McVitie’s Chocolate Orange Nibbles.  Frankly I cannot believe that I have not come across these sooner, despite the packets saying they are new it would appear that they have actually been out for a number of months. It does however seem that these and the white chocolate version are not in every supermarket. If you…

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Bliss and Bling Candles Meets Christmas

Happy Monday Everyone and more importantly Happy ONE Week till Christmas! Today I am talking about candles. Yes ever since discovering Bliss and Bling Candles I have been mildly obsessed. I was getting pretty shaky at the fact my candle supply was getting far too low for my liking but thankfully the stars aligned and I met up with the lovely Emma at one of the Christmas Fairs.  There is now has a whopping selection of standard candles as well as a host of Christmas scents to get us in that festive mood. Eagled eyed readers from my last review may…

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Festive Cocktails to Make this Christmas

Baby it’s cold outside … Yes Christmas is creeping around the corner, I cannot believe quite how quickly December has flown by, and now we have 10 days until the big day! Which camp are you in? The not quite in the festive mood yet, slowly getting there, or are you embracing the full on Christmas spirit and have Magic Xmas on all day every day (yes that is me). I teased this over on Twitter at the weekend and today I have decided that there is no better way to get in that festive mood than to talk festive…

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