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Win: Old English Company Enamel Pins*

Old English Company are a UK based stationary and homeware brand. I have followed them for a little while and have oogled their stationary and prints. Their designs are clean, down to earth and give a little bit of personality without being overboard. Remember when pins were all the rage? Well they are back as the Old English Company have just expanded their range to include some enamel pin badges! I have certainly noticed that patches (they do those too) and t-shirt / jumper motifs are well and truly in, but the benefit of these little pins is they are…

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Special K Coconut, Cocoa and Cashew Protein Bar

Cereal bars with protein seem to be all the rage and with a forever increasing health and fitness trend it is no surprise that Special K are one of the latest brands to have jumped on this band wagon. I have tried all manner of protein bars and frankly am yet to find one that doesn’t make me want to spit it out. Here to try and win me over today is the Special K Coconut, Cocoa and Cashew Protein Bar. Presently there are two flavours – Coconut, Cocoa and Cashew and Blackcurrant and Pumpkin Seed. They are pricier than the…

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Dona Rita Brazilian Pão de Queijo Cheese Balls

There’s a new cheesy ball in town and it comes in the form of Dona Rita Brazilian Cheese Balls*. Dona Rita are a completely new brand to me as is Pão de Queijo, but if something promises to be a cheesy delight then I am all in.  Traditionally known as Pão de Queijo, these balls are made using the freshest of ingredients including cassava flour and cheese, and is a staple snack at most cafes, restaurants and dinner parties across Brazil. Thanks to this family run business, who have perfected their secret recipe, we can now bake these cheesy balls…

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National Tea Day With We Are Tea Moroccan Mint

Happy National Tea Day! Did you know that we Brits drink 165 million cups of tea A DAY! Barmey but utterly believable, we are a nation that L. O. V. E loves tea. So what could be more appropriate on a day like today than celebrating with We Are Tea Moroccan Mint *.  We are Tea are a brand that I love and they do great high quality tea. Their track record on my blog is up there and my last haul of black teas proved to be a real gooden, so I am excited for today’s choice. Usually I…

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Tisserand The Little Box of Sleep Kit

Having a dreamy night’s sleep is literally the goal of every night when your head hits the pillow, am I right? There are many factors that stop us from having the epitome of a good night’s sleep and Tisserand are here to lend a hand with Tisserand The Little Box of Sleep Kit. I am a huge fan of Tissarand for varying reasons, most importantly being that they are 100% natural and have the ability to subtly affect my mood and or instantly evoke a state of calm and relaxation. I have tried a few products of theirs as well…

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