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National Tea Day With We Are Tea Moroccan Mint

Happy National Tea Day! Did you know that we Brits drink 165 million cups of tea A DAY! Barmey but utterly believable, we are a nation that L. O. V. E loves tea. So what could be more appropriate on a day like today than celebrating with We Are Tea Moroccan Mint *.  We are Tea are a brand that I love and they do great high quality tea. Their track record on my blog is up there and my last haul of black teas proved to be a real gooden, so I am excited for today’s choice. Usually I…

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Tisserand The Little Box of Sleep Kit

Having a dreamy night’s sleep is literally the goal of every night when your head hits the pillow, am I right? There are many factors that stop us from having the epitome of a good night’s sleep and Tisserand are here to lend a hand with Tisserand The Little Box of Sleep Kit. I am a huge fan of Tissarand for varying reasons, most importantly being that they are 100% natural and have the ability to subtly affect my mood and or instantly evoke a state of calm and relaxation. I have tried a few products of theirs as well…

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Lizi’s Adventurers Banana Granola

As you can most likely tell from the packaging Lizi’s Adventurers Banana Granola is aimed at kids. The packaging is funky, vibrant and will of course grab your attention when scanning the cereal aisles. Setting aside the fact this is aimed at kiddies aged 5-13 years old, I was all over it when I saw it was Banana Granola. Lizi’s has partnered with Bear Grylls Survival Academy, which is an academy offering dynamic self-rescue survival courses run by highly trained experts. Together they are promoting and engaging youngsters to eat a good breakfast and getting outside and active. To be…

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Our Little Rebellion Corners

We are back to snacking today, I love a good snack, especially on the go and am always up for trying something new. Based in America, Our Little Rebellion Corners have just arrived on UK soil and are being hailed as the new shape of popcorn.  Currently in the UK they have kicked things off with 4 different flavours – Howlin’ Jalapeño Cheddar*, Seaside Sea Salt*, Smashin’ Sweet Chilli* and Sweetly Salted*. Currently stocked on Ocado and at WholeFoods health store they come in at £1.80 per 85g bag, they are also sold in 23g bags which is what I have here.…

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Bahlsen Crunchy Mint Choco Moments

We haven’t had a good biscuit in a while so when I saw Bahlsen Crunchy Mint Choco Moments I knew they were going straight into the basket. Bahlsen biscuits are one of my favourites, they’re a great size, fulfil the biscuit criteria and are always generous in the chocolate coating.  Currently in two varieties – Crunchy Hazelnut and Crunchy Mint, these are the newest additions to the Bahlsen family. So what makes theses different to the rest? Well Bahlsen have not only added a textured crunch to their usual biscuits, and they have been even more generous with their chocolate by…

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