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Cherry Bakewell Muller Light Yoghurt

No longer wrapped in the constraints of a multipack that was exclusive to Iceland, Cherry Bakewell Muller Light is now available as a standalone number. I haven’t had a Muller Light yoghurt in what feels like forever, to be honest I really went off them and haven’t had the desire to pick one up since. That said I do love cherry bakewell so naturally there was no passing on this, I am just hoping that they can nail the flavour.  Available in all major supermarkets for a limited time only I do wonder why they have decided to release this one.…

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M&S Passion Fruit Swiss Roll

We haven’t had a good dessert in a while so let’s see if we can change things with today’s review of M&S Passion Fruit Swiss Roll. Throwing tradition out of the window M&S have replaced jam with passion fruit but is it a smart move?  I love a M&S Dine in Two for £10, it’s a darn good deal and above all there is always some delicious food on offer. It was really nice to see that the latest one didn’t just have the usual choice of profiteroles and cheesecake, but also included something a bit more summery and a little different. …

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Chocolate Propercorn is Here

Popcorn, I love the stuff, so when I finally managed to get hold of the new Chocolate Propercorn I was pretty excited about it. Propercorn have been pretty solid when it comes to their flavour, quality and tastiness so the hopes are high for their new Chocolate popcorn.  Nailing a chocolate popcorn that meets what us chocoholics want is not an easy thing and apparently it has taken Propercorn years to do just that. If you are wondering why you haven’t come across this yet it turns out Chocolate Propercorn is currently only in Waitrose and on Ocado. I got…

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Breyers Delights Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Love ice cream but trying to watch what you eat? Well there could be an alternative that will allow you to have your ice cream and eat it too. I have had my eye on Breyers Delights Cookies and Cream Ice Cream for quite a while and I am hoping it can deliver on its promise.  Breyers Delights is a healthy alternative that boasts considerably lower calories than other tubs of ice cream, as well as lower sugar and higher protein, all the while still containing cream. How is this possible? Surely there must be a catch? Retailing at a…

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Birthday Party Oreo Cookies

A bit late to the game, primarily as this is the first time I have seen them, however we have finally got there and it’s time to try the new Birthday Party Oreo. To be fair the British Oreo track record isn’t that great so my expectations are pretty low. The Choc’o Brownie for me was a complete waste of time and let’s not forget about the abysmal excuse that was the Peanut Butter version.  Currently being sold in Asda, Ocado and Sainsbury’s, I found mine in the latter and were on offer for 75p. America have had the Birthday…

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